Sky Flyer swings its arm (with an integrated caged gondola) round in circles, vertically.

Rider Height Restriction: 1.2 Metres
Capacity: 16 - 32 Passengers
Thrill Rating: Aggressive Thrill

Sky Flyer was based on Sky Flyer, manufactured by Vekoma, in real life, but with only once such arm, unless you choose 'Double' next to 'Ride Version' in this ride's info box.
The changeable duration of this ride is calculated by the number of full 180 degree rotations and full 360 degree rotations of its own gondola.
Sky Flyer's lap bars are based on those used on its real-life counterpart.
If you choose 'Double' next to 'Ride Version' in that ride's info box, that ride will include two such arms, once that was connected to each side of that ride's main structure, and while in operation, these arms (while moving) will travel in opposite directions.

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