The rides consist of many rides that visitors of theme parks would ride on. Sometimes, depending on the situation, a certain ride can malfunction, and a mechanic is required to fix that ride. Therefore, riders cannot visit a malfunctioned ride. People can only ride rides/rides' vehicles in certain groups, depending on the size of the queue, from a certain person to that ride's entrance/air gates. When people have finished riding on that ride, they use an exit to get out of that ride's area. Depending on the people's queue size towards a ride/its air gates; people, who had already ridden on a ride recently, can ask a staff member to have another ride on that ride. With that request from that staff member granted, people can stay on their seats of that ride to have another ride on that ride. When a ride needs to be changed, it will close temporarily.

Info Box
Ride Screen: This shows a picture of a certain ride, and has a flag button (which allows that ride to open, test or close if the green flag button, an orange flag button or the red flag button, respectively), a move button (which allows you to move that ride elsewhere), and a delete button (which gives you a choice of either removing or keeping that ride).
Statistics: This shows you the maximum amount of airtime, a maximum number of positive/negative G-forces, an hourly capacity of passengers, an excitement rating, an intensity rating and a nausea rating, all of that ride.
Modifications: This allows you to change the colour of any part of that ride, the maximum speed of that ride, an acceleration (set on a certain part of that ride, and set using the speed value), the number of vehicles/trains on that ride, a maximum swing angle, a duration and the direction.

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